Your health is unique to YOU. resolve to OWN IT.

Optimize your health and mental & physical wellness by understanding your genetic Profile

Being Healthy. Staying Healthy.

These are goals we all aspire to in our daily lives. But getting there is not an easy road; staying healthy can be even more challenging. How do you know if you’re on the right path? How do you sift through the noise of the latest “science” about diets, nutrition, and exercise? The answer is simple and now, readily available and affordable.

resolve to understand your genetic makeup.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or average Joe (or Jane), our personalized approach allows for more precise, predictable, and preventive health care that is customized for you. Use the information on your own or with your healthcare provider to achieve uniquely personalized plans for optimal health.


Resolve Health is at the forefront of Nutritional Genomics, bringing an unparalleled depth of insight into your personal health profile. You can get a holistic health profile by bundling tests or choosing a focused approach specifying the areas of most importance to you.


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Resolve Health gives you the tools you need to understand your physical and mental health by analyzing the interaction of nutrition and genes.  Our tests offer you and your health practitioners detailed information on personal dietary needs and exercise requirements to help you attain optimal health and performance at work, sports, and recreational play.

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