Resolve to Take the Guesswork Out of Weight Management. Create a personalized, gene-based diet and lifestyle plan that optimizes your health and wellness.

No one diet or way of eating is right for everyone. dnaDiet® shows you the best approach and takes the guesswork out of weight management. One of the most comprehensive and accurate weight-related genetic tests available, dnaDiet® can direct you toward successful weight management and introduce long-term healthy habits.

dnaDiet assesses several gene variations that impact metabolism, absorption, and storage of fats and carbohydrates. It identifies eating behavior to help you understand how your genetic profile affects your response to the most effective healthy eating plans, such as Low Fat, Mediterranean, Low Carbohydrate, and others.


The Results

Why Test?


You have made dietary improvements and are not seeing results


You have a desire for consistent weight management and are confused about which diet would work best


You would like to address inflammation caused by dietary sources and sensitivities


You have increased cholesterol or trouble with cholesterol levels

dnaDiet® can provide the information to set you on a path for life – a healthier life.

*It is important to note that dnaDiet® is not a diet plan and simply having the test done in no way contributes to weight loss. It is a tool to help you better understand your genetic profile and discover a healthy eating plan best suited for you.